Gritty two-fisted tales of anger, betrayal, ruin, and redemption. The future is not always as bright as it seems, but that doesn’t mean you have to lay down and take it.


February 14th! Look for The Fixer: Book 7- THE EDGE OF DOOM

All’s fair in love and war!

Roland Tankowicz is not a complex man. After securing victory over The Brokerage, all he wants is to get back to work maintaining the balance of power in Dockside. He’s perfectly happy with an honest day’s work of busting heads followed by a quick jaunt over to his favorite bar for a beer. Too bad the universe has other plans.

A cryptic job offer from a good client hurls New Boston’s most infamous team of fixers hundreds of light-years from Earth. At first, the gig seems normal enough: Stop a rampaging android before it destroys a whole colony of unarmed scientists. Other than the obvious lies being told by the client and the addition of several competing mega-corporations, it’s pretty standard fare for Roland and his team.

But things take a turn for the bizarre when Pike’s Privateers show up with information that changes their corporate milk run into a quagmire of backroom deals, industrial espionage, and murder. How did a bunch of pacifist scientists get a combat android? What kind of deal are they working with OmniCorp? What does the death of one old farmer have to do with any of this? Roland, Lucia, and the rest of the crew have just a few days to find the answer to these questions.

One thing is clear: there’s a corporate war brewing. This one tiny colony perched on a faraway mudball looks to be the flashpoint that plunges the rest of the galaxy into fiscal and physical chaos. Can anyone stamp out the fire before it is too late?  It will take more than technological might or overwhelming firepower to avert a catastrophe this time. It will take the kind of love that does not alter, and bears out all the way to—


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A genetically augmented lawman gets dragged into a brewing civil war when a pivotal scientific breakthrough goes missing. Can one dangerously unstable man prevent a global catastrophe? Find out in this high-octane action thriller set in an uncomfortably plausible future. 

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