Welcome to the world of Andrew Vaillencourt’s science fiction!

Here you will find two-fisted tales steeped in the competing flavors of rage and redemption, vengeance and vice, and of course, profit and loss. It’s a rough place. Not big on niceties or manners unless you are the kind of rich that lets you get away with murder.

It’s a rough-and-tumble galaxy out there. Making your way takes more than gumption. You’ll want a granite chin and a nimble gun hand if you find yourself too far from the safety of the closest shining metropolis. If you have the cash, go ahead and hire that genetically enhanced bodyguard you saw an ad for. At least check in with the local fixer, a retired special forces cyborg, before you wander out into the streets by yourself.

Because sometimes the universe decides that today is not your day. When that happens you will need people like the ones in these books . People with the guns, the tech, and the skills to tell the universe to go bother someone else. 

They aren’t pretty. They aren’t nice. Some of them are barely even people. But when push comes to shove, these are the ones that are only too happy to push back.

These are their stories. 


The worlds of THE FIXER and HEGEMONY are filled with insane action and galaxy-spanning intrigue. Getting started may seem like an overwhelming task. Not to worry, help has arrived! Now the opening stories of each series are DEEPLY discounted wherever EBOOKs are sold!

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Roland Tankowicz arrives in Dockside for the first time. Broken, haunted, and lost, the young cyborg finds himself in the middle of a brewing gang war. Can one good cop and one angry young cyborg killer prevent the endless waves of criminals from ruling the streets?






Established as Dockside’s premier fixer, Roland’s life gets twisted into unrecognizable chaos by the arrival of a mysterious woman with a connection to his past. She was looking for a hero, what she got was a weapon. 





$1.99 – HEGEMONY: Sullivan’s Run

John Sullivan didn’t ask to be born, and he certainly didn’t ask to be crazy. But that’s what happens when somebody else gets to pick out your DNA. Even worse, under the Genetic Equity Act of 2141 all artificial modifications granting ‘unfair advantage’ belong to society. As the genetically engineered son of a famous mobster, Sullivan’s physical gifts and illegal provenance condemn him to a life of government service hunting and apprehending others like him.




Now grab the first three(!) books in THE FIXER for the ridiculous price of just $6.99! ORDNANCE, HELL FOLLOWS, and HAMMERS AND NAILS clock in at over 1,000 pages of pulse-pounding action. The first major arc in Roland’s adventures, all tied up in one neat volume for your convenience!
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An all-new series from a far-off future is live wherever books are sold online!

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Aloof technological beings with godlike powers have left administration of the galaxy to an elite caste of powerful constructs. With iron fists, these constructs stamp out anything that looks like evolution or high-end computing. 

When a random genetic anomaly sets off a massive galactic manhunt, the fates of entire planets hang in the balance. An enigmatic warrior, a miracle child, and a contentious collection of wizards will have to decide if it is time to embroil all freedom-loving worlds in a massive civil war.


The Fixer 9: Backburn is available now!

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The corporate war comes to a head in BACKBURN!

Still hounded at every turn, Roland and his team limp home to find Dockside in turmoil.

Clandestine corporate operations have weakened the treaties between Dockside’s gangs just in time for a disaster at the docks to shut down Earth’s mightiest marketplace. On the verge of economic catastrophe, Gateways Inc. lands an army of corporate troops to seize control.  Criminals and corpos make for a tense pairing, and it’s only a matter of time before something breaks and the shooting starts.

Not content to wait for that to happen, OmniCorp springs for a little extra muscle. The only surviving full-prosthesis cyborg in the galaxy shows up to have a go at New Boston’s most famous fixer, and a fair fight is not how this shooter likes to operate. It’s a full-metal slugfest as all the players collide on the streets of New Boston for one final bloody showdown.

But what is all the fuss really over? Lucia has her doubts about the corporate line, and even her father seems to be hiding important information from her. As their losses mount and total destruction inches ever closer, the fixers will have to uncover the real reason all these MegaCorps are brawling it out in their backyard.

The fires of corporate warfare are raging across New Boston, and only Roland Tankowicz and his group of misfits can stop it before all of Dockside burns to the ground. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and New Boston’s least favorite army-surplus cyborg has brought his matches…

Time to light a BACKBURN.


And don’t forget to check out HEGEMONY.

What happens when genetic engineering runs amuck? In a future where two distinct classes of human beings have to live together, conflict is inevitable. Follow the journey of one mentally unstable genetically-modified agent as he uncovers the secrets behind his own creation and the rapidly unravelling state of his world.