The drug and booze-filled streets of New Boston’s spaceport district are no place for the uninitiated. Take a walk down these dirty thoroughfares and slip into their darkened alleys with eight new stories centering on what goes on when the most famous fixer in space is not there to hold things down.


  • Mook’s Day Out – The nicest enforcer in town has to solve a series of robberies before the rent is due to save his neighborhood.
  • No Good Deed – Dockside’s police department is legendarily corrupt, but sometimes even the bad cops have to deal with worse ones.
  • Clean Slate – Clearing up old mistakes is a very different thing when Dockside gangs are involved.
  • Mad Engineer – Big Woo’s creepiest android engineer takes matters into his own hands when the new neighbors become a problem.
  • Age Before Beauty – Three grizzled old men embark on a secret mission to help a young woman escape a bad situation… while drunk.

All this and more await in the upcoming collection of stories entitled:


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What happens when genetic engineering runs amuck? In a future where two distinct classes of human beings have to live together, conflict is inevitable. Follow the journey of one mentally unstable genetically-modified agent as he uncovers the secrets behind his own creation and the rapidly unravelling state of his world.