Andrew Vaillencourt

The Man Behind The Books

Andrew Vaillencourt would like you to believe he is a writer.  But that is probably not the best place to start. He is a former MMA competitor, bouncer, gym teacher, exotic dancer wrangler, and engineer.

He wrote his first novel, ‘Ordnance,’ on a dare from his father and has no intention of stopping now. Drawing on far too many bad influences including comic books, action movies, pulp sci-fi and his own upbringing as one of twelve children, Andrew is committed to filling the heads of readers with hard-boiled action and vivid worlds in which to set it. His work pulls characters and voices born from his time throwing drunks out of a KC biker bar, fighting in the Midwest amateur MMA circuit,  or teaching kindergartners how to do a proper push-up.

He currently lives in Connecticut with his lovely wife, three decent children, and three very lazy snakes.