Sullivan’s Stand

Title: Sullivan's Stand (Hegemony, Book 2)
Series: Hegemony #2
Published by: The Slide Rule Group
Release Date: 12/15/2019
Pages: 325

John Sullivan is all done running.

A hunted, haunted man, the genetically modified fighter takes to the streets in search of his mobster father and answers to some very tough questions.

The answers he gets take Sullivan and his allies to the far corners of the continent where he must confront the terrifying consequences of genetic engineering practices unencumbered by morality. For some people, the last war never ended, and for others the next one has already begun.

A mysterious woman, a new foe, and the horrifying truth of what has been going on since the end of the great war gnaws at Sullivan's fragile sanity. Will this journey through his own personal heart of darkness finally break Sullivan's tenuous control over his dark side?

Even he doesn't know for sure. But one thing is certain. The time for running is over.  With the enemy at the gates and time running out, Sullivan is not giving up an inch. Not this time.

This time John Sullivan is making a stand.

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