Head Space (The Fixer #6)

Title: Head Space (The Fixer #6)
Series: The Fixer #6
Published by: The Slide Rule Group
Release Date: 3/1/2019
Pages: 321

It takes a brave soul to mess with Dockside.

Roland Tankowicz has made a career out of teaching this lesson, and the galaxy is starting to notice. Yet despite filling entire graveyards with corporate raiders, pirates, criminal organizations, and the occasional marauding cybernetic psychopath, somebody out there still thinks the lucrative district is worth harassing.

Someone is funding drug dealers, pimps, smugglers, and other scumbags, then sending them to Dockside faster than everybody’s least-favorite army-surplus cyborg can kick them out. Before Roland and his team can start rounding up suspects, a terrifying revelation about one of his former teammates raises the stakes higher than they’ve ever been.
Soldiers, spies, mercenaries and pirates converge on New Boston’s most famous fixer as he begins to unravel the plot the only way he knows how: With his fists.

Roland must take the fight to a lawless section of deep space and challenge a strange new enemy on his own turf. Lucia will face her darkest moment as well, as the past and future combine in a trial that will forever cement what she has become. 
Has Roland truly outgrown his days as a mindless war machine? Can Lucia accept the weight of leadership without the crush of fear dragging her down? Were the Golems just another super-soldier program, or is something even more sinister at play?

This time it’s not about money, or power, or even revenge. It’s about the right to live, to grow, and to become what you were meant to be. This time, the battle is over


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Sullivan’s Run (Hegemony #1)

Title: Sullivan's Run (Hegemony #1)
Series: Hegemony #1
Published by: The Slide Rule Group
Release Date: 7/15/2019
Pages: 305

The ultimate fighter battles a perfect killer for the fate of the future. 

John Sullivan didn’t ask to be born, and he certainly didn’t ask to be crazy. But that’s what happens when somebody else gets to pick out your DNA. Even worse, under the Genetic Equity Act of 2141 all artificial modifications granting 'unfair advantage' belong to society. As the genetically engineered son of a famous mobster, Sullivan’s physical gifts and illegal provenance condemn him to a life of government service hunting and apprehending others like himself.

It feels like a perfect fit for Sullivan. Cursed with a state of unending aggression and neurologically inhibited from interacting with his anger, fieldwork is the only place he can explore his psychological demons without revealing how unhinged he really is.

A disconcerting shift in his volatile mental state becomes frantic race against time when a brilliant scientist disappears with a groundbreaking discovery. A remorseless killer joins the hunt and the trail leads to a lawless underground metroplex filled with refugees and revolutionaries. Deep beneath the surface, new trials and unpleasant discoveries will challenge everything Sullivan knows about himself and his place in the world.

Is John Sullivan a hero? A psychopath? Not even he knows for sure, and finding out means running a dangerous gauntlet of ruthless enemies. Whatever the answer, the world will be a very different place after the last brutal strides of:


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Escalante (The Fixer 0)

Title: Escalante (The Fixer 0)
Published by: The Slide Rule Group

There's a stranger in town, and he just wants to be left alone.

But Dockside doesn't like strangers, and the dirty old town never leaves anyone alone. Not emotionally scarred top-secret ex-army cyborgs, and certainly not good cops with bad habits.

Join New Boston's most famous fixer for his first week in the most dangerous part of town. All he wanted was a quiet place to hide, but now he has to team up with the last good cop in Dockside if they expect to stop a gang war and protect the hard-working folks just trying to make an honest living.

It's good cop vs, bad cop, gang leader vs. mobster, and Roland Tankowicz vs. everybody in a high-stakes contest for control of Dockside. He may be brand new to the job, but the smart money is on everybody's favorite Army surplus cyborg as he doubles down on the deadliest game in Dockside:


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Sullivan’s Stand

Title: Sullivan's Stand (Hegemony, Book 2)
Series: Hegemony #2
Published by: The Slide Rule Group
Release Date: 12/15/2019
Pages: 325

John Sullivan is all done running.

A hunted, haunted man, the genetically modified fighter takes to the streets in search of his mobster father and answers to some very tough questions.

The answers he gets take Sullivan and his allies to the far corners of the continent where he must confront the terrifying consequences of genetic engineering practices unencumbered by morality. For some people, the last war never ended, and for others the next one has already begun.

A mysterious woman, a new foe, and the horrifying truth of what has been going on since the end of the great war gnaws at Sullivan's fragile sanity. Will this journey through his own personal heart of darkness finally break Sullivan's tenuous control over his dark side?

Even he doesn't know for sure. But one thing is certain. The time for running is over.  With the enemy at the gates and time running out, Sullivan is not giving up an inch. Not this time.

This time John Sullivan is making a stand.

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Sullivan’s Gift

Title: Sullivan's Gift (Hegemony #3)
Series: Hegemony #3
Published by: The Slide Rule Group
Release Date: 07-28-2020
Pages: 342

Some gifts are meant to be shared...

At first he tried to run. Then he made a stand.

But no matter how many genetically-engineered monsters John Sullivan puts down, there always seems to be more where they came from. The conspiracy eroding the New Global Republic goes both higher and deeper than anyone ever imagined, and the fractious nature of the players has accelerated the timetable for global civil war beyond anyone's ability to stop it.

John Sullivan is used to impossible odds, and his pugnacious nature leaves him no choice but to fight till the very end. Winning may not be possible, but you can always make the other guy bleed. Sometimes that's enough. Abilities that have never brought Sullivan anything but pain and misery are all that stand between a bright future in the hands of one special child and an endless reign of terror under yet another fascist hegemony. Can one man hope to defeat such odds?

Perhaps not. But what about a uniquely gifted fighter, a terrible goddess, a giant, and a nine-year-old genius?

Maybe there is a chance after all...

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