Hurting you is the last thing he wants to do. But it’s definitely still on the list.

The Fixer Series:

Welcome to 25th-Century Boston! Home of ‘The Fixer.’

The hub of all interstellar commerce, Beantown has grown into a sprawling megalopolis filled with folks ranging from the fabulously wealthy all the way down to the destitute.

In the Dockside district, rogue cyborgs, mutant thugs, giant corporations and dozens of other nefarious characters are looking to carve out their piece of the action. This is where Roland Tankowicz plies his trade keeping gangland disputes around the docks from getting out of control, and that’s a full-time job. Even for a retired Army cyborg with a head full of nightmares and a past filled with horror.

But if the future looks bleak, and you’ve got some cash, Roland can ‘fix’ your problem for you.

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