‘It’s not often a story pulls the reader in as quickly as Ordnance. The first few chapters are not only intense, but do an excellent job of acquainting the reader with the story world and the main characters. It’s a solid foundation for the rest of the book. There is a bit of a mystery at the story’s heart (who took Don Ribiero, Lucia’s father, and where are they holding him), but more than anything it is action-adventure on top of the obvious science-fiction elements. For those readers who want something with more depth, there’s plenty of things to trigger those deeper questions as well. (What does it mean to be human, for one.)’

Modern Reviews July 2017 – Ordnance Review

‘I really, really enjoyed the old, detective noir style overlaid on the not-so-distant future world. As an eight-foot (or was it nine?) cyborg, Roland “Breach” Tankowicz more than fills the shoes of Dashiel Hammet or Raymond Chandler’s tough-as-nails heroes. Add the fact that the dame in this story is less damsel and more butt-kicking beast in her own right, and you get a cyberpunk romp that’s just a bunch of fun. Vaillencourt’s main character carries black and white ideals for what’s right and wrong, and manages to apply them in a way that makes sense in a very gray world.

Highly recommend for fans of detective noir and near future sci fi.’

Amazon Reviewer May 2017 – Ordnance review.

‘I love the author’s writing style. The prose is tight, and easy to read, yet provides enough flavor to really feel each scene and character.
Best of all, the characters feel real, fully developed, and believable.’

-Amazon Reviewer May 2017 – Ordnance

‘This is a five star review.

It would be easy to call Ordnance “Science Fiction”, but with the attention to detail in Vaillencourt’s writing the book reads more like Engineering than Science. So I don’t know if EngFi is a thing, but it is now. You can tell the author is flexing muscles developed in Heinlein’s Gym. The plot moves along with precision, the writing is tight, but with plenty of charm and personality showing through.

Read it.’

Neal “Phrost” Fletcher – Bullshido.net