Sullivan’s Gift

Title: Sullivan's Gift (Hegemony #3)
Series: Hegemony #3
Published by: The Slide Rule Group
Release Date: 07-28-2020
Pages: 342

Some gifts are meant to be shared...

At first he tried to run. Then he made a stand.

But no matter how many genetically-engineered monsters John Sullivan puts down, there always seems to be more where they came from. The conspiracy eroding the New Global Republic goes both higher and deeper than anyone ever imagined, and the fractious nature of the players has accelerated the timetable for global civil war beyond anyone's ability to stop it.

John Sullivan is used to impossible odds, and his pugnacious nature leaves him no choice but to fight till the very end. Winning may not be possible, but you can always make the other guy bleed. Sometimes that's enough. Abilities that have never brought Sullivan anything but pain and misery are all that stand between a bright future in the hands of one special child and an endless reign of terror under yet another fascist hegemony. Can one man hope to defeat such odds?

Perhaps not. But what about a uniquely gifted fighter, a terrible goddess, a giant, and a nine-year-old genius?

Maybe there is a chance after all...

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