Rites of the Righteous

Title: Rites of the Righteous
Series: The Fixer #8
Release Date: 11/23/2021
Pages: 385

Roland Tankowicz prefers to stay out of corporate wars; however, some battles just can’t be avoided.

Racing back home after the encounter with the Prospectors, Roland and his team find themselves pulled off course when an old foe resurfaces to thwart their plan for a clean getaway. Things get worse when the chase leads them to Gethsemane. Dominated by a powerful religious order that is long on profit and short on salvation, the green and wealthy planet proves to be treacherous ground for those who don’t fit in.

If the corporations battling for supremacy were not enough, competing factions from Gethsemane stalk the fixers as well. Some want what the corporations are fighting over, others want something altogether more unseemly. Roland and the crew find themselves at odds with secret police, knights in shining armor, and more than a few spies and assassins while navigating this strange collision of interplanetary politics and religion.

What is clear is that Gethsemane is no place for ham-handed tactics or reckless brawling. The situation begs for discretion, subtlety, and sophistication. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Roland Tankowicz is on the job. He does not do subtlety and sophistication costs extra. Can Roland win a deadly game of hide-and-seek in the grimy underbelly of a garden paradise? What happens when faith collides with conviction in the mind of a madman?

On Gethsemane, the real battle is fought only when one truly understands the--

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