Dead Man Dreaming (The Fixer #5)

Title: Dead Man Dreaming (The Fixer #5)
Series: The Fixer #5
Published by: The Slide Rule Group
Release Date: 6/24/2018
Pages: 346

A killer stalks the streets of Dockside, and he has a bone to pick with Roland Tankowicz.

Old friends, former clients, and even rivals find themselves in the sights of a murderer who loves his work a little too much and seems custom-built to take on New Boston’s most famous Army-surplus cyborg. Roland and his team will have to play detective to piece together the identity of this strange assassin before all his associates end up face down in the street.
It would be a full day’s work for anybody, but it wouldn’t be Dockside if a whole crop of other disasters didn’t pop up at the same time just to make things interesting. A possessive ex-boyfriend, upheavals in the local police department, and shadowy corporate interests all choose this moment to rear their ugly heads.

But far be it from the galaxy’s strangest duo of problem solvers to turn away from hard work or a decent paycheck. If anybody can juggle corrupt cops, sinister corporations, and one strange killer all at once, it’s everybody’s least-favorite metal curmudgeon and his hyperkinetic partner. 

Before the gunfire fades and the dust settles, The Fixer will meet death head-on to find out if he has what it takes to face down a DEAD MAN DREAMING.

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