Head Space (The Fixer #6)

Title: Head Space (The Fixer #6)
Series: The Fixer #6
Published by: The Slide Rule Group
Release Date: 3/1/2019
Pages: 321

It takes a brave soul to mess with Dockside.

Roland Tankowicz has made a career out of teaching this lesson, and the galaxy is starting to notice. Yet despite filling entire graveyards with corporate raiders, pirates, criminal organizations, and the occasional marauding cybernetic psychopath, somebody out there still thinks the lucrative district is worth harassing.

Someone is funding drug dealers, pimps, smugglers, and other scumbags, then sending them to Dockside faster than everybody’s least-favorite army-surplus cyborg can kick them out. Before Roland and his team can start rounding up suspects, a terrifying revelation about one of his former teammates raises the stakes higher than they’ve ever been.
Soldiers, spies, mercenaries and pirates converge on New Boston’s most famous fixer as he begins to unravel the plot the only way he knows how: With his fists.

Roland must take the fight to a lawless section of deep space and challenge a strange new enemy on his own turf. Lucia will face her darkest moment as well, as the past and future combine in a trial that will forever cement what she has become. 
Has Roland truly outgrown his days as a mindless war machine? Can Lucia accept the weight of leadership without the crush of fear dragging her down? Were the Golems just another super-soldier program, or is something even more sinister at play?

This time it’s not about money, or power, or even revenge. It’s about the right to live, to grow, and to become what you were meant to be. This time, the battle is over


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The Edge of Doom

Title: The Edge of Doom
Series: The Fixer #7
Release Date: 02/14/2021
Pages: 388

All’s fair in love and war!

Roland Tankowicz is not a complex man. After securing victory over The Brokerage, all he wants is to get back to work maintaining the balance of power in Dockside. He’s perfectly happy with an honest day’s work of busting heads followed by a quick jaunt over to his favorite bar for a beer. Too bad the universe has other pans.

A cryptic job offer from a good client hurls New Boston’s most infamous team of fixers hundreds of light-years from Earth. At first, the gig seems normal enough: Stop a rampaging android before it destroys a whole colony of unarmed scientists. Other than the obvious lies being told by the client and the addition of several competing mega-corporations, it’s pretty standard fare for Roland and his team.

But things take a turn for the bizarre when Pike’s Privateers show up with information that changes their corporate milk run into a quagmire of backroom deals, industrial espionage, and murder. How did a bunch of pacifist scientists get a combat android? What kind of deal are they working with OmniCorp? What does the death of one old farmer have to do with any of this? Roland, Lucia, and the rest of the crew have just a few days to find the answer to these questions.

One thing is clear: there’s a corporate war brewing. This one tiny colony perched on a faraway mudball looks to be the flashpoint that plunges the rest of the galaxy into fiscal and physical chaos. Can anyone stamp out the fire before it is too late? It will take more than technological might or overwhelming firepower to avert a catastrophe this time. It will take the kind of love that does not alter, and bears out all the way to—


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Rites of the Righteous

Title: Rites of the Righteous
Series: The Fixer #8
Release Date: 11/23/2021
Pages: 385

Roland Tankowicz prefers to stay out of corporate wars; however, some battles just can’t be avoided.

Racing back home after the encounter with the Prospectors, Roland and his team find themselves pulled off course when an old foe resurfaces to thwart their plan for a clean getaway. Things get worse when the chase leads them to Gethsemane. Dominated by a powerful religious order that is long on profit and short on salvation, the green and wealthy planet proves to be treacherous ground for those who don’t fit in.

If the corporations battling for supremacy were not enough, competing factions from Gethsemane stalk the fixers as well. Some want what the corporations are fighting over, others want something altogether more unseemly. Roland and the crew find themselves at odds with secret police, knights in shining armor, and more than a few spies and assassins while navigating this strange collision of interplanetary politics and religion.

What is clear is that Gethsemane is no place for ham-handed tactics or reckless brawling. The situation begs for discretion, subtlety, and sophistication. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Roland Tankowicz is on the job. He does not do subtlety and sophistication costs extra. Can Roland win a deadly game of hide-and-seek in the grimy underbelly of a garden paradise? What happens when faith collides with conviction in the mind of a madman?

On Gethsemane, the real battle is fought only when one truly understands the--

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